Geochemical Soil Sampling

Euro has trained and experienced geochemical sampling crews. Using fully equipped ATV’s, 4wd support vehicles and all required camping equipment, we have successfully completed surveys to clients specifications in remote locations Australia wide.


Over the past 4 years we have taken over 100,000 samples throughout Australia, as well as Africa and South East Asia.


Our experienced crews are fully self-sufficient, with camping equipment, generators, field vehicles, communication devices and safety equipment all provided at competitive rates.

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Contract Geological and Geotechnical Personnel

Euro Exploration Services can provide the following experienced, trained and professional personnel to manage or assist with your exploration programmes, on a short or long term basis, as per your requirements

  • Supervising / Senior Geologist
  • Geologist
  • Junior / Graduate Geologist
  • Field Supervisor
  • Senior Field Technician
  • Field Technician
  • Camp Managers
  • Camp Cooks
  • Logistics Co-ordinators
  • Safety Advisors


Contract Field Equipment (including vehicles)

Short / long term hire of all your field / technical equipment needs (including a range of vehicles) at competitive rates. Euro can provide:

  • 4wd vehicles (including Mine Spec), camping equipment and camper trailers
  • Spectrometers/Scintillometers, Magnetic susceptibility meters
  • Core Saws, generators, Submersible Pumps
  • Field consumables, GPS Units, satellite phones
  • XRF Unit with trained and licenced operators
  • Splitters, fuel pods and more
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Geological and Field Services

Management and supervision of drill programmes and logistics from the smallest programme to a complete resources drill out or mine site services.

  • Management and supervision of drill programmes and logistics associated with exploring in remote areas
  • Drillhole location and tenement boundary surveys
  • Geological mapping, gridding and geochemical sampling
  • Compilation and interpretation of results
  • Heritage Surveys
  • Drill site and exploration site rehabilitation


Geotechnical processing services

Through our diverse range of solutions, Euro's extensive experience in delivering geotechnical processing services at the highest standards in quality and safety.

  • Core markup and orientation
  • Core cutting, sampling and database management
  • Specific Gravity & Magnetic Susceptibility Readings
  • XRF available, with licenced staff
  • Photography
  • Geological logging
  • Core layout
  • Storage
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Storage Facilities (Adelaide and Bendigo)

Euro Exploration offers geotechnical storage and processing facilities for your all your exploration needs.


Safe, secure and just 8kms from the Adelaide CBD and Airport. Clients can store all field equipment on a long or short term basis. The facility offers the following geotechnical services

  • Storage for all field equipment
  • Core storage
  • Pulp and residue storage
  • Lay-down areas for core trays or chip trays
  • Onsite geotechnical logging, processing and cutting
  • Sampling delivery to labs for assay
  • Forklift usage